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    The hands-on practice solves all possible doubts of the theory.

    – Dr. A Farnos

    Will make implant results more predictable…excellent presentation, the best course I have taken.

    – Dr. M Allen

    Great protocols mixed with clinical pearls…..Dr. H welcomed questions and shared his clinical experience

    – Dr. M Cannavo

    Simplification of Versah Guided System.  It gives providers a working knowledge in using the guided implant system for just about any situation.

    – Dr. Richard C. Adams

    Well organized, great speaker.  Will be able to use a lot of knowledge I gained today right away.  I sure learned a lot of new pearls!

    – Dr. Winston Wing

    This course gave me the knowledge and consideration to the advancement and predictability of taking implants to a higher level.

    – Dr. Jerame Hafen

    The didactic learning and hands on were very helpful.  Gave me the knowledge and confidence to do simple osseodensification, ridge expansion, and sinus lift.

    – Dr. Daniel Dela Cruz

    I’m an experienced guided surgeon- I can now incorporate Versah Burs into my armamentarium.

    – Dr. Michael Toms

    All aspects of this course were very good and applicable to improve my technique.

    – Dr. Greg Calloway

    The step-by-step didactic explanation of the procedure prior to the hands-on work was quite thorough.

    – Dr. M. Danelia

    The small details and so many cases made understanding the technique easy…. I love the practical nature and clinical relevance.

    – Dr. R. Valenta

    The aspect of the program was so helpful: Tell-lecture; show-video; do-hands-on, with plenty of examples and cases.

    – Dr. K Novakovsk

    The hands on were very beneficial and tied into the lecture. Very personable and down to earth.

    – Dr. D. Veneman

    The video loop while the instructor expalined the hands-on segments were very helpful. Dr Guentsch was very enthusiastic and brings personal experience with connecting with the group.

    – Dr. H. Leghuel

    Dr Guentsch was excellent- clear and able to answer quetions well. It was helpful to get a grasp of all the components of the guided surgery kit.

    – Dr. C. Diederich

    Clear communication and real world advice. Great Hands-on and technique explanations.

    – Randal Valenta, DDS
    Marinette, WI

    Excellent Teacher. Explains things very well and makes his technique feel very feasible to repeat.

    -Jennifer Taschner, DDS, MMS
    Fort Myers, FL

    Exceptional and made everything predictiable and reproducible in my hands

    -Douglas MacKay, DDS
    Elk, WA

    As a new Densah® Bur user the Osseodensification Course really helped connect the dots. The course is a definite must, even after watching all of the videos and reading the instructions for use manual. An overall great course and looking forward to learning more, thank you!

    -Adam Piotrowski, DDS
    Grand Rapids, MI

    Excellent Teacher. Explains things very well and makes his technique feel very feasible to repeat.

    -Jennifer Taschner, DDS, MMS
    Fort Myers, FL

    Exceptional and made everything predictiable and reproducible in my hands

    -Douglas MacKay, DDS
    Elk, WA

    Excellent scientific- based evidence, state-of-the- art technology.

    -Mariana Velazquez, DDS
    Miami, FL

    Very Passionate. I always learn best from a passionate instructor.

    -Matthew Ferguson, DDS
    Montague, MI

    The information was very straightforward and would be used everyday for anyone who places implants.

    -Matt Edwards, DMD
    Little Rock, AR

    Fantastic course! This information and skillset is an absolute necessity for anyone placing implants. The course was thorough, applicable, easy to understand, had a practical hands-on, and wonderful resource materials. The level of detail and organization was perfect. This is everything you’d want in a high-quality course!

    – Meredith Gantos, DDS, FAGD
    Naperville, IL

    Thank you Dr. Huwais and Team for an outstanding course on October 16th! Everything was helpful! Would love more courses of this kind! One of the best instructors I ever had!

    -Tarek Assi, DDS, DMD, DABOI, DICOI
    Coral Springs, FL

    You and your team did not disappoint! The lecture was enlightening, well planned, organized, and applicable. The timing all day allowed a relaxed learning environment. Thank you for your commitment to supported science in our profession and your dedication to teaching others a better and reproducible result in our surgical regimens.

    – Roy Thompson, DDS
    Murfreesboro, TN

    The course introduced me to new techniques, it opened up options and possibilities for implants.

    – Dr. Kurt Laemmer

    Very practical combining the best of the Burs and guided surgery.

    Dr. Jennifer Taschner, Periodontist 

    Well organized foundational course to allow a practitioner confidence.

    – Dr. James WU

    Concise and clinically relevant information and guidance for implant techniques….excellent knowledge of science and application.

    – Dr. Jason Sheilch

    It was great to have this training opportunity! I loved every minute of it. Great content and an amazing lecture and hands on. Thank you Dr Huwais and team, you guys are the best!

    – Dr. Maria Dauri

    The passion and knowledge of Dr Huwais was exceptional. The step-by-step protocol for each procedure and biology behind each technique made learning enjoyable.

    – Dr. Ira Levenson

    Fantastic Speaker, excellent explanations and made us feel welcome to ask questions….very engaging presentation.

    – Dr. Bradley Lander

    The instructor has knowledge, experience, and passion for teaching.

    – Dr. Matt Edwards

    Every topic and case presentation was ver detailed and well explained… his engagement with the participants was great.

    – Dr. Albert Robles

    Clarity with methods and rationale….tips and tricks for each step is extremely clear.

    – Dr. Kadri Hazeka

    Mind Blowing…. excellent angle of presentation and evidence.

    – Dr. Jordan Piere

    Dr. Gluckman was very knowledgeable, excellent resources, hands on, excellent and friendly speakers.

    – Dr. Karen Kowalesik 

    Clear explanations, step by step instructions, and standardized protocols make predictable outcomes.

    – Dr. Vu Bui

    Everything was great… Structure of the program is well designed and executed.

    – Dr. Braulio Ulloa

    Evidence based, excellent teacher.

    – Dr. Arianna Damian Yeh

    Details on proper use of procedures…. enthusiasm, expertise, clear procdure lists with good hands on exercises.

    – Dr. Bruce Kennedy

    The personal attention with the hands on portion to refine the hands-on technique.

    – Dr. Alexander Villar

    Hands-on gained heptic feedback…. clear and concise instructions, very organized.

    – Dr. Benjamin Chang

    Hands on with Individual Instruction…World Class.

    – Dr. Grant Pitt

    Realistic expectations while backing up histology that has these procedures is a game changes… he is a class of his own!

    – Dr. Tatiana DelMoral

    Step by Step protocol for each procedure and biology was helpful….Passion and Knowledge was exceptional. Made learning enjoyable.

    – Dr. Ira Levenson

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